All about sheltie basset hound mix

All about sheltie basset hound mix

You’ve heard a lot about the Sheltie basset hound mix, but do you know anything about the Shetland sheepdog? What about the German shepherd? The answer may surprise you. Read on to learn more about this dog’s history, personality, and personality traits. And be sure to read our breed profile to find out how this mixed-breed dog differs from its ancestors.

Sheltie basset hound mix

Shelties are a breed of dog that is a cross between the sheltie basset hound mix and the Spanish Cocker Spaniel. This is a beautiful and intelligent hybrid. It is known for being obedient and is highly energetic. Cocker Shelties are highly active and may chase other dogs or vehicles. A Sheltie’s personality is considered sweet, loving, and tolerant.

Basset Hound Sheltie mixes are playful and inquisitive. Just like any dog, they need attention and never want to be left alone. Early socialization is very important for your new Sheltie basset hound mix, as it will pay off in the long run. Make sure you provide plenty of praise, playtime, and attention. If you have a dog-lover or a family with children, this breed will be a great fit.

Although Basset hounds are known for their large size, Basset Hound mixes are usually smaller and less than forty pounds. This breed is perfect for small apartments and houses. Because of their short legs and long bodies, Basset Hound mixes do not need a lot of exercise and are a great choice for apartment or small houses. They have the same noses as both parent breeds and are a good choice for apartment dwellers.

Shetland sheepdog

A Shetland Sheepdog is a small, agile dog with a long, straight, double coat. Its long, compact tail should be long, too. The Shetland Sheepdog’s expression is usually gentle, intelligent, and questioning. This is a very good mix for families and for the pet owner who is interested in the temperament of a sheepdog.

A Shetland Sheepdog has muscular forelegs and strong bones. Its compact feet have well-arched toes and thick, tough nails. Shelties are easy to train, as long as you provide plenty of motivation and exercise. However, this dog breed does not do well in hot weather. It is best to keep it cool in warm weather.

Shelties are highly intelligent and loyal dogs. They are also great service and therapy dogs. They can be trained to do many tasks, including herding children. Their sweet, affectionate nature makes them a great companion for children, as they are happy to be with their owners. However, their high energy level may result in them trying to herd small children or strangers.


The Sheltie basset hound and Poodle mixes are both adorable and intelligent. The sturdiness of the Poodle makes them an excellent choice for homes with children. They need about 45 minutes of daily exercise. Shelties are great for apartments, multi-pet households, and households with small children. The Poodle is a small breed and can live between 10 and 14 years.

These two mixed breeds can be very intelligent and sociable. They enjoy attention and get along with most people, but can also be stubborn. A Poodle is the 2nd smartest dog, behind a Labrador. Both Poodles and Shelties have different personalities. The Poodle side of the mix will curtail stubbornness and the Husky will help curb the Papipoo’s independence.

A Poodle’s temperament is different from that of a Shetland Sheepdog, so be sure to discuss the breed’s temperament with your potential dog. Shetland Sheepdogs and Poodles are both companion dogs, and can be good family dogs. While the two dogs share some traits, they are different enough to warrant a more specific assessment. The Poodle is more playful and more affectionate than the Sheltie.

German shepherd

If you’re looking for a large dog with a lot of personality, a German shepherd and a sheltie basset hound cross may be the perfect pet for you. These dogs are incredibly friendly and love to play. Bailey is about 70 pounds and has a basset mindset, but is intelligent and loyal like a German Sheppard. She likes to sneak around the house, escaping the yard to the front door. While she’s not particularly fond of toys, Bailey is playful and gentle. It can also be trained to follow commands.

The German Shepherd and the Basset Hound were both originally bred as working dogs, and this drive to work will continue. Your Basset Shepherd will inherit this drive to be useful and feel needed. Without purpose, however, your Basset Shepherd may be inclined to destructive behavior. They need to be active to stay healthy and happy. As a result, daily exercise is essential. They will need an hour of exercise per day, at least.

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A Basset Shepherd will keep watch on suspicious activity, but will act only when necessary to protect their family. They are friendly and gentle, but do have a strong sense of danger. They also have good social skills, making them ideal for homes with children. If you have a family with a rotating shift schedule, this breed is the ideal choice for you. If you live alone, you may want to consider a dog that can live with a family.


Shelties are a popular choice for families with kids. These medium-sized dogs have excellent hearing and a keen sense of smell. In addition to their amazing hearing abilities, bassets make great companions and hunters. Although they are extremely loyal, they can be hard to train, so training your new dog should begin early. A firm hand and lots of positive reinforcement are necessary for you to get the best out of this breed.

These dogs are small and heavy-boned. Their body weight varies from forty to 80 pounds. Their ears are long and hang down. They have round faces with wrinkly foreheads and sad, expressive eyes. Their tails hang gaily. The body of the Sheltie is rectangular and short and tightly-coated. These dogs have the characteristic odor of bassets.

While some people fear these dogs, they are actually one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Bassets are small, but they are still big enough to be good companions. A great dog for families with young children will require firm guidance. But if you’re looking for a dog that will be great with children, a Great Dane is a good choice. These dogs are not very large and are easy to train. They weigh between 35 to 90 pounds.

Pembroke Welsh corgi

The Pembroke Sheltie is a breed of small herder that has been bred with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Shetland Sheepdog. The dog has medium-sized ears, a dark-colored muzzle, a bushy tail, and short, straight legs. It is an active family pet that enjoys romping around and playing with its owners. This breed of dog is loyal and protective of its owners, and is often referred to as a Pembroke Corgi or a Corgi Sheltie.

The Pembroke Sheltie is very tolerant of other animals and people. They enjoy the company of family and other dogs. Pembroke Shelties are very good with kids and are good jumpers. Unlike many breeds of basset hounds, these dogs are gentle and mellow. They make wonderful pets for anyone who appreciates the gentle nature of a hound.

If you’re considering bringing a Pembroke Sheltie home, be aware of its high prey drive. Pembroke Shelties are not recommended for households with cats and other small pets. Socialization early on will help prevent negative interactions, but it’s not guaranteed. Even after socializing with cats, Pembroke Shelties will still tend to chase small animals.

Cocker Sheltie

This breed of basset hound is easy to train, with a few exceptions. Like most basset hounds, Cocker Shelties require daily exercise. This breed is a working breed, with a long history of helping their masters in the hunting industry. This breed requires a daily walk and lots of playtime. Listed below are some common training exercises for this breed.

The Cocker Sheltie is a very friendly breed and is very sociable with both strangers and intruders. It’s a great choice for a family with kids of any age, as it is friendly and patient. They’ll love to be with their family and will shower them with affection and attention. This dog is also excellent with children and can be a good family pet.

The male Cocker Sheltie is usually a little smaller than the females, weighing only around 15 to 20 pounds. They have large ears and usually look like miniature basset hounds. Coshelties are generally black, white, or pied, with a thick coat and sharp teeth. They will live happily with one owner, and make a wonderful family pet.

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