All about shar pei basset hound mix

All about poodle basset hound mix

If you’re considering getting a poodle basset hound mix, there are several factors to consider. Here are the Character and Health requirements, Grooming needs, and Cost. Before choosing a poodle basset hound mix, you should first learn more about the Basset Hound. You should know that Basset Hounds are less energetic than Poodles, so they’ll need a little extra exercise.


A Poodle-Basset hound mix has many desirable characteristics. This cross breed is relatively easygoing and rarely gets mad. They are highly intelligent and respond well to authority. They are also very sociable and can get along with both young and old family members. Their sharp sense of smell is unique, but they do have a tendency to get into trouble if left alone for too long. As such, this breed makes an excellent guard dog.

The Basset Hound is an adorable and affectionate dog. Its deep, round skull is a defining characteristic. Its short, pointed ears point forward in a sad fashion, allowing hunters to spot the dog in tall grass. The paws are large, with the front turning outwards to balance their broad shoulders. This combination makes for a very loving companion. If you’re considering adopting a Basset Hound, make sure it is a purebred dog.

The Basset Hound originated around the 7th century in France and made its way to the US in the early nineteenth century. These dogs soon became fashionable hunting dogs. The Poodle, on the other hand, is a modern cross between a Poodle and Basset Hound. While Poodles have their own unique characteristics, they are highly sociable and hypoallergenic. This dog is hypoallergenic, as a result, many dog lovers have been attracted to the breed.

The Basset Hound came to America in colonial times, but didn’t become popular in the U.S. until the early twentieth century. Their popularity began in the U.S., where Lord Galway imported the breed in the 1860s. Although Lord Galway did not show the pups, it remained relatively unknown for quite some time. Eventually, a breed standard was established, allowing the Basset to flourish.


The health of poodle basset hound mixes can vary greatly from one another. A poodle has a longer lifespan than a basset hound, and the latter may be at higher risk for some health problems than the former. The following health issues should be taken into consideration before adopting a basset hound. Among these is ear infection. A Basset Hound can develop this condition at any age. Symptoms of a seizure include a loss of consciousness, muscle spasms, and the inability to urinate or defecate. There is no cure for epilepsy, but medications are available to control seizures. If you notice your basset hound experiencing any of these symptoms, you should contact your veterinarian immediately. Although most of these infections are not life threatening, your veterinarian will likely prescribe medication

Another health problem in this breed is glaucoma, which can cause blindness if left untreated. This disease is caused by the dislocation of the lacrimal gland, which produces excess tears. In a severe case, the eye may bulge and look like an icepick. In most cases, you should seek medical attention immediately. However, there are some treatments available that can prevent your pup from developing glaucoma.

The Basset Hound breed is prone to a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy. This disease causes the heart to grow large and thin, causing it to weaken and malfunction. Symptoms include weakness and fainting. A veterinarian can detect this condition early and prescribe a medication or dietary supplement to help alleviate the symptoms. Although there are few treatments, a veterinarian can prescribe a medication to treat it.

Grooming needs

The Basset Hound Poodle mix is a small to medium-sized breed. Puppies grow to be between 12 and 16 inches in height and weigh around 20 to 35 pounds. They are sociable, gentle, and loving dogs. The coat of this breed is medium-length and wiry, requiring regular brushing to prevent matting. Bathing is recommended every two weeks, with longer hair needing professional trimming.

Regular brushing and bathing are essential to keep the coat healthy and beautiful. The poodle basset hound mix does not shed heavily, but it should be bathed at least twice a year. It also needs regular trimming, with special focus on the eyebrows and whiskers. Regular brushing is recommended to keep the fur from looking scraggly and shiny. Depending on the coat, this breed may need professional grooming once a year.

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The coat of a poodle is known for its luxuriousness. Because of this, it needs daily grooming, especially if it is being shown at a dog show. Regular trimming is necessary for the poodle to look good and shine. If the nails are clicking or the poodle is scratching the floor, it is too long. You can use a nail clipper or a nail grinder to trim the nails. You must keep an eye out for changes in the coat, such as excessive weight or an overly curly coat.

For Basset Hounds, ear care is essential. It is important to clean the ears every time you take the dog outside or bathe it. This helps keep the ear odor at bay and prevents bacterial infections. If your dog is prone to bad breath, hydrogen peroxide can help prevent bad breath. Clean it regularly with hydrogen peroxide and water. The hydrogen peroxide will kill bacteria and keep it from causing an infection.


A poodle basset hound mix is not the biggest dog but the average weight of a Basset Hound is 55 lb. During the first year of your Basset’s life, you can expect to spend anywhere from $130 to $265 on food and supplies. At the same time, adult Bassets eat about 260 lbs. of dry food annually. These doggies are fairly expensive, so you may want to consider buying some second-hand equipment to cut costs.

A Bassetoodle is an ideal family pet because it is not overly demanding. The Bassetoodle is equally happy to spend time in the house with you, or out walking with you. However, it can be stubborn, and it may wander away when following a scent trail. If properly trained, however, Bassetoodles can be very obedient. They can also be great with small children.

A Poodle basset hound mix can be costly, but they are a good choice for households with limited space. Their compact bodies and short legs make them great pets for small spaces. Their black and tan coats make them great pets for apartment dwellers, as they don’t need a lot of exercise. The Basset Hound is one of the most popular dog breeds, and this crossbreed can add lots of personality to your home.

The cost of a Basset Hound puppy can vary widely, depending on the bloodline and parentage. Bloodlines refer to the dogs used for breeding the litter and the generations that preceded it. Obviously, this matters if you’re looking for a winning temperament and show-winning ability. Besides, breeding practices are less ethical and the puppies from these sources are more likely to have health issues later in life.

Where to get a poodle basset hound mix

If you’re considering getting a Poodle Basset Hound mix as a pet, you’re not alone. There are several benefits to this breed, and there’s a lot of confusion about its origins. As a medium-sized canine, Bassetoodles usually weigh about 22-30 pounds and stand low to the ground. They live for approximately 12-15 years, depending on the type of care you give them.

A Bassetoodle is a friendly and gentle companion who loves to spend time with its owner. It’s also a great choice for families with young children because of its affectionate nature. One disadvantage of this breed is that it has a powerful sense of smell, which can make it wander off on a scent trail. That being said, with proper training, the Bassetoodle can become very obedient.

A Poodle and Basset Hound mix is a great pet for people who want a loyal dog that doesn’t require a lot of attention. They’re intelligent and loyal, and are generally a good match for households with children and elderly people. They’re also excellent guard dogs. They’re great with children and other dogs, and will stay safely in the backyard when they’re not with their family.

A Poodle-Basset Hound mix is one of the most popular designer dogs on the market today. The two dogs share a common origin, which was in France in the 7th century. They have a rich history as a companion dog and hunting companion. Their high sense of smell and delightful personalities helped them become popular all over the world. This unique breed has become a hot item in homes around the world.

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